There’s a lot of Things to Stream Right Now

Let the Movie Morlock be your guide to a bunch of different shows to stream on your television sets right now. Catch up on shows like The Leftovers or Watchmen. Take in some new fare such as Tokyo Vice or Winning Time. Watch the final installments of Ozark and Better Call Saul. So, much great content is available to stream right now.

In addition, The Morlock talks about several films now in theaters, and coming to streaming soon that you’ll want on your radar screen. From A24’s horror throw-back, X, to the fantastic Everything Everywhere All at Once, if you are looking to head back to the theaters there are some films that make the trip worth while.


Paolo Sorrentino and The Hand of God

Al Fraser joins The Movie Morlock to discuss several films by acclaimed Italian director, Paolo Sorrentino, including his Academy Award nominated film, The Hand of God.

Al and The Morlock also talk about other Sorrention films, including The Great Beauty, and his cult film, This Must be the Place.

What else? Al saw Licorice Pizza, and it brought a twinge of nostalgia to his life growing up in Southern California in the 70s and 80s.

Looking for some new films to discover? This week’s episode has you covered.

F the Academy. Teal and the Morlock Critique Poor Oscar Decision-Making

The Movie Morlock is back with his old pal, Teal to unleash a can of whoopass on the Academy. With Oscar ratings down the network that hosts the awards show, ABC, made some demands to remove eight categories from the main show. The Morlock and Teal discuss why this is a terrible decision.

Also on this episode, the Morlock saw The Batman. Was he fan? Listen and find out.

And while the decision to cut eight categories is the most egregious mishap of this Oscar season, there are plenty of other fun controversies to dissect. Come, dear listener, on a journey of complaints, but also plenty of laughs. This is an episode to enjoy!


2022 Oscar Nominations Discussion

Every year The Movie Morlock does a recap of the Oscar Nominations, and when he was doing Stuff We’ve Seen it was always with Teal. So why should this year be any different? Teal is back to go through the entire list of nominees. What were the surprises and omissions? Get set for James (The Movie Morlock) and Teal to take you through it all.

The Trial of Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza – Fun-loving, 1970’s set coming-of-age romantic comedy, or dark look at an older woman’s inappropriate relationship with a 15 year old boy set against the backdrop of gropey film producers and racist restaurant owners?

Who knew Paul Thomas Anderson’s trip down nostalgia lane was going to be so controversial? James Kent, The Movie Morlock, and his frequent cohort, Shannon tackle the controversies with two different takes on the movie.

For the Morlock, this discussion was definitely a highlight, because it is a conversation that dives beneath the surface level of a movie that sometimes gets relegated to nothing more than social media scuttle, and certain films deserve a deeper dive.

Also on this episode a brief discussion of The Lost Daughter and Power of the Dog.

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