Craig Wasson is The Outsider

Craig Wasson is back, and the Movie Morlock was thrilled to speak with the actor/musician/vocal artist again. James (the Morlock) last spoke with Craig Wasson at the beginning of the year when he spent some time with James and Teal on Stuff We’ve Seen. If you haven’t heard those episodes check them out here and here.

But now Craig joins James to discuss a little-seen gem from 1979, Tony Luraschi’s The Outsider. Wasson plays Michael Flaherty, a disillusioned Viet Nam vet from America who wants to join the IRA during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. With notions of patriotism fueled from stories of his grandfather fighting alongside Michael Collins in the early 1900’s, Michael gets sucked into a world where his worth is more as a pawn in a political game where two sides see value in using an American as a sacrifice.

The movie is surprising in its stark depiction of the struggles in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s, and no side comes out smelling like a rose. It is no wonder that both the British and Irish opposed this movie with threats of violence, and the film experienced many difficulties finding a release.

Over the summer Hulu showed the film on its service, and that is how James got to watch it, and he was blown away by the documentary-style of the film. It doesn’t appear to be on Hulu at the moment, but you can still rent it on Apple or on Amazon Prime. But you have to hunt for it. It’s well worth the quest.

The Movie Morlock is pleased to present this awesome conversation with Craig Wasson, who also has some very interesting stories to share, and his own After Hours/Griffin Dunne tie in.

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