The James Wan film the Eloi want you to think is twisted horror, brilliance, but is actually just kind of horrible.

Again with this pandemic. With not a lot of viewing options, and no more crappy 8-screen, strip-mall multiplex available in the Morlock’s semi-rural Vermont surroundings he looks forward to almost anything these days. An HBOMax offering? Guest what? The Morlock’s in. He’s watching whatever HBOMAX is going to give him. And this week it was horror film director, (and yes I am lumping Aquaman in with that, because that film was plum horrible) James Wan. Wan hit the scene with the indie horror sensation, Saw, back in 2004, and while the Morlock’s never seen that movie, or its abundance of sawquels (torture films are not the Morlock’s bag) he did see Insidious, The Conjuring, and The Conjuring 2. And surprise, the Morlock found himself impressed.

Sorry folks, but Malignant isn’t up to the challenge of Insidious or the Conjuring. It’s, well…perhaps you need to listen to the podcast to find out what the Morlock thought about it. And this week he enlisted the help of Instagram movie-poster, whatshannonwatched. Shannon is a film enthusiast with a particular taste for horror. And the Movie Morlock show marks Shannon’s podcast debut. She and the Morlock had themselves a time picking apart Malignant, and talking about what could have made this movie better.

It’s all for you, Damian, on this second installment of The Movie Morlock Podcast.

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